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Broad spectrum consulting and freelance services including public relations, media coaching, graphic design, photography and digital marketing.

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Who is Chrissy Deal?

This is a story about an art student-turned-strategist, a wallflower-turned-spokesperson, the shy girl in class who became the voice of politicians, organizations, and campaigns.

This is a story about me, Chrissy Deal, a professional communicator and part-time designer with a love of photography, travel and food. I grew up in a small South Georgia town, searching for "my people" in the one under-funded and slightly shabby art studio at a high school that valued football above most else. It was the 90s, and I longed to rebel, but my strict upbringing didn't quite allow it. So while my classmates listened to Garth Brooks, I brooded to the Pixies; while they wore Duck Heads, I dug through my dad's closet for flannel. My afternoons were filled with debate team, drama club and art... and dreaming of getting out of there, of finding my voice.

Eventually I did get out, first to Mercer University where I studied fine art, communications and photography; and later to Raleigh, North Carolina (still comfortably in touch with my Southern roots but better suited for city life).  Along the way I learned that I'm a better communicator than I am a fine artist, but that I do have a keen eye for design and detail, a perfect fit for photography and creative design work. And I discovered that combining those talents makes me a formidable and rare kind of communications professional -- one who can confidently oversee most aspects of a vibrant public relations and marketing team, from strategies to execution -- press releases, newsletters, social media and more.

My career highlights include 12 years in high-level state politics -- eight as communications lead for the Insurance Commissioner and four with the Governor, where I served as press secretary and communications director. I hold FEMA certification in crisis communications as well as a portfolio of photography and design work. Before starting my own business, I was Chief Communications Officer at Durham Public Schools, where I was the voice behind the automated "school is cancelled due to snow" phone calls. My career has been rich, full and varied.

 My full resume can be found on LinkedIn. Please check it out and connect with me! Or check out some of my current work here.

Today, I share my journey with a smart, exuberant son, a fluffy black dog, and an incredible husband, Charlie, a sommelier and restaurateur who joins me in my culinary and travel adventures.

It's been a long time since I was the shy girl in art class. :)



Skills & Talents

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I like to think of myself as a professional problem solver.

Want more specifics? Some of the things I do include:

coach & prep executives for interviews  ●  pitch stories to the media  ●  strategize responses to crisis situations  ●  Schnoodle dog grooming 🐾  ●  photograph people, places & things  ●  develop creative content for social media  ●  wax poetic on the joys of good food & wine 🍷 ●  write crisis communication plans  ●  tell good stories to people who matter  ●  create simple, clean & effective websites  ●  complain about doing burpees in bootcamp 💪🏼 ●  design ads, marketing collateral, newsletters & business cards  ●  Photoshop the perfect & imperfect

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A wise old owl sat on an oak.
The more she saw, the less she spoke.
The less she spoke, the more she heard.
Why aren't we all like that wise old bird?

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