Chrissy Deal spent nearly 20 years working for others before she decided to go solo and work for herself. The freedom to choose clients who are doing meaningful work -- and who truly need the kind of help she can offer -- has its rewards. Not that her career was boring or uninspiring; Chrissy worked for 16 years providing communications guidance and strategy for top-level state leaders, including North Carolina's first woman governor, whom she served as press secretary and communications director.

Now, Deal Strategies can offer clients the expertise that comes with that kind of experience, plus a host of additional services that stem from Chrissy's first loves, art and photography. As the world has become more digitized our information has become more visualized. Facebook posts with graphics get something like 40% more interaction, depending on whose statistics you're looking at. More people get their news from the web and TV (both very visual media) than ever before. You need someone who knows the trends AND how to make them work for you. 

Deal Strategies is the one-stop shop for small businesses, individuals and organizations in need of strategic public relations and personalized digital marketing at an affordable price.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein

Chrissy is married to Charlie Deal, one of Durham and Chapel Hill's favorite chefs and restaurateurs, and she takes an active role in managing the online presence of his three notable restaurants. She likes to travel, cook, and spend many hours outdoors, whether watching her son's various sports games or hiking with her schnoodle dog, Indy. She's a Georgia girl at heart, but after 18 years, North Carolina is home.

Chrissy's full resume is available on LinkedIn or download a pdf version here.

(Like the photo above? It's an honest-to-goodness tintype, created by our friend Riley MacLean.)